12 Days of Inspiration: David Wolfe

David Wolfe is a Health, Eco, Nutrition, Natural Beauty Expert, and the person we can thank for having raw cacao and coconut oil in this lifetime!  His great passion and commitment to making everyday the best day ever has been the spark for our interest in health and happiness.  Noelle and I had the blessing of chatting with David during the 2014 Longevity Now Conference.  He is nothing short of a visionary and thought-leader.  His delightful kindness is the icing on the raw cake to make this gentleman a total superhero!  

Noelle: This quote struck me in an old interview that you did with Bob Avery. “Life is the actualization of potential. Potential is actualized in the midst of the outer environment. The environment does not determine the inner potential, it can only help or hinder its expression. Also, the inner potential can actually determine and alter the outer environment!” I love that quote, could you expand on it?

David: I’m a believer that the inside becomes the outside. That we are self-generating actualized beings that can change the outer environment by an inner change. And what I’m getting at there is that the inner attitude, the inner potential, the inner behavior, the inner thought-process, the inner mental conversations, and inner emotional conversations eventually are expressed outward in the world, and that becomes our destiny.

N: You hit on that subject today when you said “people are waking up to where they can move into a certain destiny”, I wrote that quote down. I feel like we are not taught that. I love “Alice in Wonderland” and the idea of “six impossible things before breakfast”, so that is my mantra. But so often we’re taught that curiosity and belief in the unimaginable are childlike.  We seem to focus more on fear which you also addressed in the Avery interview when you said “fear always has been and always will be the great enemy of human potential.”  

D: Parameters that are set around us either by karma or by peers is the great enemy of humankind - that is what limits our potential.   As you approach that threshold, you develop fear.  

N:  Did you think that people would have this profound reaction to the message you were sharing with them when you originally started all of this?

D: No, it wasn’t possible for me to perceive that. I’ve never really imagined it, actually. The reason I do what I do is because I’m archetypically, genetically, and karmically a public speaker. I’ve connected public speaking to my great passion which is health, raw food, superfoods, superherbs, and living water. When that connection happened I knew this was going to go all the way. I’ve always loved public speaking, but I was never able to connect it with my real passion due to karmic blockages or something that never fit. All of a sudden one night on August 16th, 1994 it connected. That was it and I knew it was going to happen. It’s been almost twenty years. Part of that download was that twenty years later I would be where I wanted to be if I propelled myself in that direction. Everything else that occurs - the good and the bad and the ugly - you get everything when you are out in the public eye. You get people who love you; you get people who hate you. You get people who are transformed by your message; you get people who don’t want to hear your message. It has developed within me equanimity. What drives me is an inner passion that I have for public speaking and the inner passion that I have for the subject matter. My hope is that the public thinks the message is amazing, but my experience is that yes - that does happen, and other things happen.

I stay in that zone of what makes me happy. I hover in that zone. Whether it’s something I want to do or something I don’t want to do, I am always striving to be happy doing it. So, I get equanimity, and I kind of don’t get it also. There is a side of me that’s like, “I’m going to be happy come hell or high water”.

N: How do you keep your energy with all that you are doing? Obviously your diet plays a big role, but is it the passion and motivation that fuels you?

D: I thoroughly enjoy what I’m doing and thoroughly enjoy the people that come to these events, so I’m never actually worn out to a point where I’m disturbed. Generally the source of my energy is coming from a number of places. One is an inner passion, an inner fire. Another one is that I always do everything I can to draw in the manna, the life-force power and energy from the places that I visit and the sacred sites I go to.  For example when I was in Chavin, which is one of the great sites in Peru, and we had this amazing day at the temple there and at the end of the day I’m looking at that river like “I’ve got to get in…that is a sacred holy river right there…that’s the meeting of waters from glacial melts of the fifty tallest peaks in Peru and come down into one river. I’ve got to get in that.” So, I will force myself to do that, to pull in that energy no matter how hard it is. Sometimes it’s cold water, sometimes it’s hot water, sometimes it’s being barefoot on the Earth, sometimes its eating the food from that particular area, sometimes it’s the atmosphere - certain aspects of the rarified atmosphere from certain locations on the planet, that I will breathe that manna in. I make that a discipline in my life.

One of my favorite spots is in Marin County, California - just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, and I have been up there in the middle of the night, 2 or 3 in the morning after being in the Sacred Chocolate factory for two or three days straight, not even leaving the building….and I haven’t showered, so I’m like…”I got to go up there and get my spring water”, cause it’s all spring fed, and “I’ve got to bathe”. It’s the middle of winter, the winds sweep right in from the ocean and it is a wet-cold that people dread about San Francisco and Seattle. Sometimes I’ve been at the edge of that pool and it has struck fear into my heart. I know how cold it’s going to be and I know how intense it is. I strip off all my clothes and I get all the way in, then I get out, and then I get all the way in again.  I’ve found out that just one dip is not enough and that I’m not really getting the manna from just one dip, it has to be two.  I force myself to do those things. It’s a source of energy.

N: Do you think by overcoming the mental “I don’t want to do this” that you get extra life and energy?

D: I don’t know how other people think about it, but I know the way that I’ve come to think about it and the way I think about is - it’s my identity. I get in that glacial melt water. We hiked a glacier in Iceland…a majorly intense experience. On the way down I almost had no strength in my knees at all, it was really intense to actually get down. We get down to the bottom and there is a glacial melt phenomenon happening and I was like… “I just sweated for like ten hours straight, hardcore…I’m getting in that glacial melt water” because it’s part of my identity whether I like it or not.

N: Tell us more about the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation.  The project sounds amazing!

D: It is really the greatest miracle of my life and the most amazing project I’ve ever been involved with. Thanks to Cem Akin who is that guy. He came over from PETA and came to work with us. He has absolutely been the greatest blessing of my life, ever. He has literally done miracles, miracle after miracle. It is just incredible. The projects that we’ve done- the schools that we’ve visited, the Native American reservations, the hunger relief sites, it is all miraculous. We plant tens of thousands of trees every year and we’re probably overall at one million trees, but our goal is 18 billion trees. It’s going to be that ramp up. We have two and half teams now, eventually it will be three, then it will be six, then it will be ten, then twenty, then two hundred and we are going to grow it like that.  

N: I think sometimes we feel overwhelmed and do not know how to help, because the project seems so big.  But here we can make a huge impact by planting a tree.

D: Years ago I was listening to Terrance McKenna and there is so much information about consciousness — where do you start? His answer was profound, his answer was - get the plants and grow them and try to figure it out yourself. I took that advice. I took that advice ten years ago. I got the plants, started growing them and tried to figure it out myself and it is amazing what has happened. Our interaction with plants, in my opinion, totally connects us spiritually to the overall vision of creation. Second of all, it puts us into the soil and gets us into the magic of growth and understanding growth and nourishment and love.  Third of all, it is creating something that can be given and donated to the future. It’s something that, when we’re gone, it keeps going. What an amazing thing.

N: I think just by taking something and planting it, you feel your value.  I have the same idea as far as gardening not just with children but with women who’ve been sexually or physically abused and give them something that they can nurture and grow. Not only are they getting their hands in the dirt and grounding themselves, but they’re providing for themselves and for future people, because when you put love into something you put love into yourself. People seem to be catching on to this movement.  

D: Yes, it is exciting. I find it interesting at this conference that both Dr. Mercola and Joel were as passionate as I’ve ever seen them about anything about gardening and farming. Especially for Mercola who has been an avatar of great health for many years, but to me in my mind, when I’m with those kinds of people - there is a separation with the connection to the Earth because I’m that person that’s farming it. Any herb I’m talking about up on that stage, I’ve grown it. I know it from the inside out; I’ve grown it from a seed all the way. I’ve grown chocolate trees from seed all the way to producing chocolate trees. To me, it’s like - I’ve always been disturbed by that disconnect - but then all of a sudden I’m sitting down with Mercola and he’s like “I’m so excited about my orchards, etc.,” and I’m like — he connected it! He actually said that - he said “connecting the whole loop”, and Joel said the same thing. I was like…its working — we are getting there. It’s awesome.  

N: For me time in nature is imperative for my overall health and happiness.

D:  We do a Superhero Training Program and a very important part of that program is that every day you take one hour and you spend it in nature. It’s actually mandatory, because nature is a cacophony of high frequency energies. It’s happy, buzzing, fractal interplay of all these energies — and when you get into it, it entrains you to that…but as soon as you get back into the world it’s like low energy vibes, weird emotional upheavals, and all that kind of stuff. Just an hour in nature a day will transform your life because you suddenly realize what is real. That’s my feeling about nature’s secret ambience.

N:  Any final words of wisdom?

D: I’m a big believer in writing things down and that your destiny can be shaped by the way you write your destiny on a piece of paper or type it into your computer. You can write your own story. In fact, our life is not a mathematical equation. We don’t live inside a machine, nothing is mechanistic. We live inside an imaginative story. The story of your life is the greatest story ever told.  


12 Days of Inspiration: Sun Potion

Scott & Nitsa are the faces of Sun Potion — a Santa Barbara based Transformational Foods company.  Their herbs have been a part of our pantry since we discovered them.  Like we've said before, full-circle business is a burning passion of ours.  Creating businesses that support the Earth, support its employees, and support its consumers is the new way to do business — where everyone and everything benefits.  This is the new system — and frankly, it's the only way to do business because it's sustainable.  These two are sincere pioneers in business and transformation in this lifetime — and we are so blessed to share some wisdom from them today.  Nitsa is also an incredible photographer — and one of my greatest influences in my artwork and creation.  I highly recommend following her beautiful photos.  All of the photos in today's post are gratiously shared from Nitsa's expansive pool of work.

What was the journey that led you both to herbs?

Scott: Herbs came to me. I have always been fascinated with plants; their beauty and complexity. Swimming in lakes and studying pond algae with a magnifying glass as a child, probably began the memory of this relationship with plants. My adolescence was filled with athleticism, and the endorphin -rich highs of practicing years of endurance sports. I found that I loved feeling great in my body. Moving to California in my early 20's, I learned about Organic Food, lived and worked in community settings, and enjoyed west coast Spirituality. Food, Plants, and Herbs were a part of the fabric of my everyday life throughout each these phases. Ultimately, what I learned is that I wanted more than anything to be of service, to participate in supporting change, and to have a lot of fun while doing it.  Sun Potion became a way to share my favorite tonic herbs and plants with others, being of service, supporting change, and having fun while doing it. This February, I will celebrate my 34th Birthday, and Sun Potion's 4th Anniversary. The herbs have been there through the whole story. :-)

Food and Plants, and Herbs played central roles in all of these stages of life

Nitsa: I feel fortunate to have been raised by two health-conscious parents. My father ~ an Acupuncturist and Doctor of Oriental Medicine ~ who anytime I came down with something as a kid gave me a good dose of Chinese herbs and needles. My Mother ~ a pioneer of the Raw Food movement and absolute ninja on no refined sugar, processed food, etc. (I remember she even took me out of school once to participate in a NON GMO protest). So, an organic, plant-based diet has been there from the beginning. 

However, while I  was always physically very healthy I had an extremely sensitive nervous system (struggled with severe anxiety and depression in adolescence) and this ultimately led me to herbs. I took an extended trip to Thailand and Japan before college and days before my departure had worked myself into a nervous fit about a) the long flight time b) getting sick abroad and c)  a fear of malnutrition from not having access to fresh greens in a foreign country (*sigh* for the neurosis of a privileged California native...) I consulted an incredibly knowledgeable person in the Supplement section of Good Earth - health food store in Northern California - and he sent me off with a Skullcap and Passionflower Tincture for my nerves,  Reishi Mushroom for immunity, and Chlorella for the full spectrum of nutrients and chlorophyll.  I have been an absolute believer in these plants, mushrooms, algae and the power of herbs ever since. 

How did you two meet?

Nitsa: I met Scott when he first moved to Santa Barbara from Ojai to create Sun Potion. I had already developed a serious thing for Chlorella, Spirulina, Goji berries, and Nova Scotia Dulse and  was happy to be able to buy these foods from him. We soon became good friends. I never realized until later that he used to give me insanely good deals on everything... ;)

We fell in love in a series of slightly strange,and mystical alignments. Before we began a romantic relationship the universe kept expressing itself to us in ways that said "pay very close attention" and "this person is important"...  eventually it all fell into place and today the love we share is growing and evolving with every breath. it is pretty wild living, loving, and working with your sweetheart and i feel very grateful for the opportunity. We got engaged on summer solstice 2013 and if we are lucky will get married this summer. 

What are rituals that keep you both in a creative state?  

Both: Morning Tea. Together. 

Nitsa: open format breaks between design / editing / computer work for domestic alchemy and experimentation in the kitchen, spending time with plants, nature, playing music, or spontaneous photography. I'm a big fan of creative recreation/ art therapy.

Scott: Lots of herbs and fun sex.

If you could have anything - what would you have for a birthday meal?

Scott: In Courses ~ First, Stephen McCarty's Psychedelic Raw cheesecake. Then Greg Arnold's (@ofaire) Polenta fries. One run through our local Indian Restaurant's Vegetarian Lunch Buffet. {long pause//intermission } then 40z. glass of locally brewed IPA beer. Ending in a salad dressed with chlorella and my favorite raw local goat cheese. 

Nitsa:  Morning herbal potion followed by several rounds of puerh. green juice for lunch. then, a few hours later ~an elevating glass of jun with homemade herbal tinctures added -  these days i am loving damiana, schisandra, st. john's wort  astragalus -  {pause. notice the effects} then an avocado blackberry chanterelle  treviso and cress salad by our friend Greg followed by his amazing wild mushroom ravioli with stinging nettle sauce, borage, tarragon. another long pause. then a  slice of Stephen McCarty's  Raw White Rainbow cheesecake.  Finally,  polish it off with  a  raw truffle with mucuna pruriens and pine pollen frosting (Aphrodisiac)  and a warm cup of gynostemma and kava-kava tea . all shared with friends. smaller portions so we can take it all in and not get too full !

What inspires you?

Scott: Creating the NEW NORMAL // a paradigm shift in the way we perceive and experience food. 

Nitsa: Beautiful, high-vibe food, tea, herbs, slowness,  literature, cinema, visual arts,  design, generosity, friendship, NATURE. I am constantly reminded of the fact that food, or rather, nourishment, comes to us on so many different levels and that it is important to be aware of what and how we consume in the everyday. For me, a beautiful film or nice pair of woolen socks can be as healing and inspirational as a medicinal mushroom broth or a miraculous life event. 

If you could have chosen to see anything, what would you choose to have seen?

Scott: The childhood of Ra Osiris , the writing of the Tao Te Ching, Tesla's working laboratory, and the embodied ascension of the Human Race, all on Planet Earth. 

Nitsa: Elves.

What are "conversations with plants" -- and why is it important to have them?

Nitsa: Conversations with Plants is ongoing, fluid concept which takes form in living experience and which I most recently have been sharing through photography. It is based on my deep love and appreciation for the flora and fauna and the many streams of dialogue that have opened up for me when I slow down and spend a little time being present with one. ( The  other day someone asked me if this set was a reference to a hallucinogenic trip from mushrooms etc. NO. it is not. While I recognize the  incredible transformational power such plants have for  people,  my nervous system can not handle altering substances of any kind and thus I have never used them in this way.) I come from a lineage of green thumbs and so connecting with plants on a more intimate level is very soothing for my mind and heart and informs a lot of my work as an artist. I recommend it to everyone as a form of meditation. 

I also do this with the Sun Potion herbs when I am creating a special tea or elixir.  (I talk to them). 

What is something you wished everyone knew about you?

Scott: I came from a SAD (Standard American Diet) upbringing. I learned through firsthand experience how consciousness around food and taking the opportunity  to choose can totally transform the world around and within me. This is why Sun Potion exists: to offer others the opportunity to choose and experience these kinds of shifts for themselves.

Nitsa: Honestly I  thought about this one longer than I'd like to admit and the truth is: Not much.  I'm a pretty private person. What I do wish everyone knew in general is how amazing we all are, in our unique ways. I guess I would like to reflect that to people, somehow...

What is your ultimate vision?

Scott: 20% of the world's population on the tonic herb program. for me this represents massive shifts in collective health, consciousness, and empowerment.

Nitsa: Tending to and celebrating our planet and this cosmos for all it does for us.  Simple pleasures, being of service through creativity, and building a legacy of presence, light , and kindness for others to experience and grow with. 

Is there anything you want me to ask you, but haven't?  And what is the answer?  

Scott: Yes. my three favorite herbs. They are he shou wu, astragalus, and mucuna pruriens.

Nitsa: Love.


12 Days of Inspiration: Sima Morrison

Sima Morrison is a Los Angeles based holistic nutritionist and one of our greatest friends.  This woman has been nothing but a champion for our success, a vision-holder for our dreams, and a catalyst for action towards our desires.  I’ve never felt so showered with sureness in her conviction of my potential and beauty — and I owe everything to her for that.  Sima is a supreme goddess and one of the most nurturing beings we've have had the pleasure of culminating magic with!  Early in our friendship, she uttered - with an unshakable confidence and honesty - “I believe in you”.  From thereon, those simple words we’re forever imprinted on me.  She has truly authored my definition what a good friend is.

What sparked you to pursue nutrition and wellness?

S: At home, when I was growing up, I was used to having homemade traditional Iranian foods.  So lots of vegetables, rice, and meat.  I was always jealous of what other people ate.  My friends would eat burgers, fries, tacos…all these rich foods.  I was never able to have those foods, because it was only traditional food in my home.

When I turned sixteen, I got my license and I had more control over what I wanted to eat.  I started to eat more fast food, going to the store and buying my own food.  I gained weight, started breaking out, felt really puffy.  Later when I experienced college…I was kind of over it — because I would eat pizza and drink beer and sleep in till 11-12 on the weekends.  Totally unhealthy.  

The big switch for me was asking “why do I feel like this?”.  I started doing research and came across “The China Study”, and the information and statistics we’re so revolutionary for me.  I ended up going on a vegan diet for a while.  That was so easy for me.  I started shedding all this excess weight and stopped bloating.  

I got my bachelor's in Public Health and Education, so I was always involved in the health field and took a lot of nutrition classes.  At 23, I did a master cleanse.  I felt my mind get so clear and this was when I realized that I am solely responsible for my health.  It’s all me that is contributing to my health, it’s my choice for what I want to do for my body and my health.  I started shopping local, I started going to Lassen’s (natural food store) and Whole Foods.  I was doing green juices and smoothies before a lot of people had even heard about them.  It tasted gross at first, but then I started enjoying the flavors of it.  

I started looking better too….my skin started clearing up.  I was so inspired by how good I felt that I went to NHI, Natural Healing Institute, and got my Holistic Nutrition Certification there.

What is something you wish everyone knew about you?

S: I want people to know that I’m trying to work on myself on a daily basis.  I’m always striving to be better, but I am flawed, I’m not perfect, and I make mistakes.  I’m human.  With that, I am constantly educating myself on how to be better — whether that is reading books, being with my family — which keeps me grounded, or taking time to meditate.  I’m just like everyone else — always trying to be better.  

If you could have anything, what would you have for a birthday meal?

S: Location wise — I would be in Santa Barbara surrounded by friends and family.  We’d go to the farmer’s market in the morning — Santa Barbara has the best produce.  I’d go and grab essentials for the best mexican meal.  I’d get these nopal cactus and corn tortillas and fry those in coconut oil - to make homemade tortilla chips.  I’d make guacamole with cilantro, lots of lemon, onions, jalapenos.  I’d get fresh local fish and vegetables for tacos.  That is like the best meal for me!  

What inspires you?

S: People inspire me.  I’m a people person.  I always want to know more about people, I ask a lot of questions.  I feel like I’m inspired on a daily basis by people that I meet, children I meet, my step kids, my husband, my friends.  People that are different inspire me.  I love when people think outside the box…I am drawn to that.  

If the world ended tomorrow, what would you want to do today?

S: I would want to be with my family and friends.  Having that feeling of gratitude and knowing to live life in the present — day by day — is key.  I want to get to that level where, if the world was going to end tomorrow, I would be fine.  I’m striving to get there — where I’d just be okay.  For me, what keeps me so happy are my close family and friends.  They keep me focused and centered.  I’d just want to be surrounded by people I love.  It really comes down to love.  Feeling love — which I feel so much of from my family and friends — I’d be okay with the world ending.   

What’s one of the most important insights you share with your clients?

S: With my clients, the most important thing I like to share with them is to try to keep balance in their lives.  I have people that come to me and ask “how come I can’t lose weight” to people that have extreme dietary restrictions.  Mainly, I always tell them — it’s all about balance.  I don’t believe people should be juicing everyday as a meal.  A juice is fine as a snack with maybe a little handful of almonds — but not as a meal.  You need to have proper balance in your life.  When you tap into this mindset — and are conscious about what you are putting into your mouth — you know what your body is craving.  If I’m craving protein — I’m going to have some grass-fed bison.  If i’m craving sweets — I’m going to have Kippy’s Ice Cream or Addictive Wellness or ZenBunni chocolates.  For me, it’s mainly about finding local foods that are organic.  Listen to your body and what it wants.  Once you get rid of the excess  — you can really tune into what you need.

I’m not strict — it’s all about balance.  That is what I share with my clients — it’s all about alignment…it’s all about balance…it’s all about having a little bit of everything.  It’s not about dwelling on “I can’t have sugar”, or “I can’t have this”, “I can’t have that”.  You have to be realistic.  Do what you can with what you have.  You can do a lot on a budget, as well.

Don’t restrict.  Enjoy life.  

Sima in Maui. Photo by Brett Morrison.

(We interviewed while Sima was in Maui).  Have you had tried yummy foods there?  

S: We stopped at this fresh-pressed lemonade stand.  They make their lemonade with local, fresh-pressed sugarcane juice.  I had an iced basil watermelon lemonade.  It was absolutely amazing!

You travel so much — do you have any rituals for flying? 

S: Yes!  Before the flight — I load up on Lypo-spheric Vitamin C (radiation protection).  I also have loads and loads of water starting days before the flight.  Spring water is my water of choice…I typically go for Castle Rock Spring Water from Mt. Shasta.  My mom has a lemon tree in her backyard, so I’ll stock up on those and add the juice into my water.  I also like to load up on Wellness Formula before a flight…just because there is so much radiation and no air circulating on the plane.  

For me, my skin is everything.  The skin reveals the state of your health — your lymphatic system, your digestive system.  When flying, typically the skin’s health goes downhill.  It’s easy to become dry and puffy.  Prior to the flight I’ll moisturize my face with jojoba oil with essential oils and Living Libations products.  Here are some of the products I’m really keen on traveling with…

Sima's Travel Essentials:

On a flight, I typically crave salty foods — so I bring my own goodies.  It’s so important to be prepared when you fly.  

I also like to chew sugarcane gum when I’m on a flight to help with the pressurization fluctuations throughout the flight.   

You are always so giving to others — what keeps you in such an abundant, giving, happy state?   

S: I feel like I’ve been so blessed…I really do.  Everyone has their own hardships, and I’m not an exception.  But, in the past ten years — I’ve been given so much.  My heart is so full of love from my husband, my mom, my sister, my brothers, my in-laws….I’m so filled with love.  I’m so grateful — and that’s the one thing that keeps me happy.  If you don’t have gratitude, you really don’t have anything.  I know I’m lucky, I know I’m blessed, I know I have so much to be grateful for — but none of those things would be possible without me knowing that and having people around me that keep my so happy, balanced, centered, and focused.  I always look at the glass half full because I have to…I have to.  If you don’t look at it that way, it’s going to affect your life.  It’s so important for me to be a positive role model for my kids, my husband, and family.  I know it’s so essential just to be grateful for every moment because I know it can be taken away.   

You can find Sima at SimaMorrison.com!


12 Days of Inspiration: JingSlingers

The JingSlingers are a powerhouse duo comprised of herbalists and superfood chefs Joy Coelho and Jay Denman. Over the years, Jay has been an integral creator at the Erewhon Tonic Bar and has slung over 50,000 herbed-up, next-level delicious elixirs.  Joy is an ex-cop turned chef, with around 1,000 catered weddings under her belt! Together - these two are the heart and soul of JingSlingers.

We got to their secret headquarters on a rainy day.  Jay greeted us into their zen-den.  An immediate rush of tranquility washed over us.  Their home (as Dara Dubinet mentioned) is an extension of Joy & Jay.  Their loving peacefulness nurtures the atmosphere of their space.  

We had a seat on one of their cozy benches -- and Joy tells us..."that bench is grounded".  (For those of you who don't know what grounding is, click here).  They give us a tour of their sacred headquarters, and we return to their kitchen.  Joy mentions she prepared a soup for us to enjoy because she knows our schedule has been busy and wants us to be nourished.  They spent so much time and energy to make sure our cups were running over.  I was so flooded with gratitude.  This thoughtfulness of the JingSlingers translates into their creations.  Joy pours us all a bowl of perfectly warm squash soup with Shen herbs topped with Austrian Pumpkin Seed Oil and micro-greens.  Needless to say, it was pure culinary enlightenment -- and the best soup I have ever had in my life (and probably ever will have -- that's how good it was!).  

Their abundant love for themselves, each other, their consumers, and this planet makes this food all the more nourishing.  I'm sure if Dr. Emoto would have taken a picture of one of their creations, we would have found the most special Fibonacci spiral crystal encased in a ring of expansiveness.  

(Another thing...Joy & Jay are the cutest couple on this planet.  I'm not even sure how to process witnessing the amount of adorableness between the two of them.  As I was in their presence, I was surprised to notice the world hadn't imploded due to a black hole of never-ending, unconditional loving energy.  Don't be surprised if Stephan Hawking's new book is a clinical study on the magic between these two.)

They then prepared some of the most dynamite ice cream that this Universe has ever seen.  Seriously...these two do not mess around.  Be prepared to end up levitating on a cloud of giggles after consuming this!  

JingSlinger “RoseNog” JingLato

This smooth and decadent SuperFood gelato can also be blended as a great smoothie with less ice and more coconut milk if you wish. “Everyone Is Welcome At Our Table” so we have two offerings, both a “Phenomenal Fauna” and a “Fabulous Flora” (Vegan) recipe.

Our favorite Organic Coconut Milk is the So Delicious Culinary Coconut Milk (the Original, not the Light), or you can use your favorite full-fat Coconut Milk. 

This is the perfect sweet treat for a New Years' celebration or your Valentine's Day as it is a Heart-Opening and very Grounding Dessert. 

JingSlinger “RoseNog” JingLato (the Phenomenal Fauna Recipe) 

  • 2 Cups of Organic Coconut Milk (16oz)
  • + 4oz additional of Coconut Milk for separate use
  • 2 droppers Sweetleaf Vanilla Stevia
  • 2 TB Vanilla/Plain Whey Protein Powder
  • 2 TB Lucuma Powder
  • 2 TB Sunflower/Non-GMO Lecithin Powder
  • 2 TB Ancient Organics Ghee
  • 2 TB Grass-Fed Collagen Powder (Bulletproof or Great Lakes brand)
  • 2 Raw Organic, Pasture Raised Egg Yolks
  • 1/2 teaspoon Bulletproof VanillaMax (or Vanilla Extract)
  • 1-2 teaspoons Organic Pumpkin Pie Spice Mix or Cinnamon/Nutmeg 50:50 combo (to taste)
  • 2 teaspoons Rose Sense Bulgarian Rosewater
  • 2 additional droppers Sweetleaf Vanilla Stevia (or sweetener of choice, to taste)

Optional SuperFoods & Tonic Herbs:

  • 2 TB Innate Vegan Vanilla Pea Protein
  • 1/2 teaspoon Morinda Powder from Jing Herbs
  • 3 droppers Jing Herbs Shen Nong Wild Ginseng
  • 3 dropper Jing Herbs Three Brothers formula

In a separate bowl, or in a Pyrex measuring cup, add 2 cups of Organic Coconut Milk plus 2 droppers Vanilla Stevia. Whisk until fully incorporated, taste and add more if you wish it to be sweeter. Pour this mixture into a non-toxic Tovolo Home silicone ice cube tray (makes 15 cubes) and place in freezer to set, which will take 2-4 hours. 

We use a Vitamix blender, because their tamper allows the best ice cream consistency, but if using another high speed blender, you may need to add a little more coconut milk for ease of blending.  

Into your blender, add 2 oz of Coconut Milk, then add your 15 Coconut Milk Ice Cubes, the 2 Raw Egg Yolks and then the rest of the listed ingredients, including your 2 additional droppers of Vanilla Stevia as well as any optional SuperFoods and Tonic Herbs.  

Blend using your Vitamix tamper until it is smooth. In regard to blender blade speed, crank it up when using your tamper! For blenders without a tamper stop the blades, scrape down the sides to reposition the ice cream and then continue to blend until you've reached the desired consistency. It should be scoopable soft-serve right out of the blender. Taste for level of sweetness and add additional Vanilla Stevia to taste. 

You can scoop and serve immediately right out of the blender into dessert bowls or cones. Any extra can be kept in the freezer in a non-toxic Tovolo Glide-A-Scoop Ice Cream Tub. 

Garnish with Organic Pistachios and/or Organic dried Roses.

Eat. Drink. Glow! 

JingSlinger “RoseNog” JingLato (the “Fabulous Flora” Vegan Recipe) 

  • 2 Cups of Organic Coconut Milk (16oz)
  • + 4oz additional of Coconut Milk for separate use
  • 2 droppers Sweetleaf Vanilla Stevia
  • 4 TB Innate Vegan Vanilla Pea Protein 
  • 2 TB Lucuma Powder
  • 2 TB Sunflower/Non-GMO Lecithin Powder
  • 1 TB Organic Almond Butter
  • 1/2 teaspoon Bulletproof VanillaMax (or Vanilla Extract)
  • 1-2 teaspoons Organic Pumpkin Pie Spice Mix or Cinnamon/Nutmeg 50:50 combo (to taste)
  • 2 teaspoons Rose Sense Bulgarian Rosewater
  • 2 additional droppers Sweetleaf Vanilla Stevia (or sweetener of choice, to taste)

 - Optional SuperFoods & Tonic Herbs:

  • 1/2 teaspoon Morinda Powder from Jing Herbs
  • 3 droppers Jing Herbs Shen Nong Wild Ginseng
  • 3 dropper Jing Herbs Three Brothers formula

In a separate bowl, or in a Pyrex measuring cup, add 2 cups of Organic Coconut Milk plus 2 droppers Vanilla Stevia. Whisk until fully incorporated, taste and add more if you wish it to be sweeter. Pour this mixture into a non-toxic Tovolo Home silicone ice cube tray (makes 15 cubes) and place in freezer to set, which will take 2-4 hours. 

We use a Vitamix blender, because their tamper allows the best ice cream consistency, but if using another high speed blender, you may need to add a little more coconut milk for ease of blending. 

Into your blender, add 2 oz of Coconut Milk, then add your 15 Coconut Milk Ice Cubes and then the rest of the listed ingredients, including your 2 additional droppers of Vanilla Stevia as well as any optional SuperFoods and Tonic Herbs. 

Blend using your Vitamix tamper until it is smooth. In regard to blender blade speed, crank it up when using your tamper! For blenders without a tamper stop the blades, scrape down the sides to reposition the ice cream and then continue to blend until you've reached the desired consistency. It should be scoopable soft-serve right out of the blender. Taste for level of sweetness and add additional Vanilla Stevia to taste. 

You can scoop and serve immediately right out of the blender into dessert bowls or cones. Any extra can be kept in the freezer in a non-toxic Tovolo Glide-A-Scoop Ice Cream Tub. 

Garnish with Organic Pistachios and/or Organic dried Roses. 

Eat. Drink. Glow! 

How did you get into food?  

Joy: My mom’s an amazing baker and cook.  She’s not a professionally taught chef, but she had a real passion for food.  She had six kids — and a lot of the food we ate, even back then, was good quality.  My dad was a fisherman so we had wild-caught fish and we’d get produce from the farmers markets.  It wasn’t so much that they knew it was better for us, it was just that they knew it was less expensive than going to the supermarket.  All of my brothers and sisters are really healthy — and I think that has a lot to do with our foundation.  

I was a cop for twenty years.  I handled sex crimes, child abuse, murders, and violent crimes against person — so I was a K-9 handler.  

Jay: She was the first female K-9 handler in South Florida. 

Joy: I retired after twenty years…but during that whole time — I was in the kitchen on my days off.  I did someone’s wedding and they loved it, so over the years I ended up doing about a thousand weddings.  When I came out to California to learn Tonic Chinese Herbalism to up my game, I ended up meeting Jay.  

There were a few people we began working with that, literally just by word of mouth, transformed into this red carpet A-List clientele.  I’m a personal chef for Steven Tyler. 

I’m sure people are lined up at the door to get to you both!

Joy: We only take six clients at a time because I want to make sure they have all my attention.  

Jay: But we’re transitioning into creating content that will teach them to fish instead of fishing for them…so that we can reach a broad audience instead of just making food for a handful of people.  

Joy: Other than giving people the best food ever, we also give people full-on protocols from the time they wake up in the morning until they go to bed at night, to literally change their stars.

So you came out to California to study Herbalism?

Joy: Yes, with Truth Calkins.  I did an intensive with him for six weeks.  I was with him 24/7 during that time.  I wanted to learn everything he knew.  I saw him in Florida when I was watching a stream of “The Longevity Conference”.  I went and learned some things at Tree and Life for about five weeks, both as a client and as a student.  I came back from that and went to the next Longevity Conference…where I met Truth Calkins.  We talked for about eight hours straight there, and he invited me to come out and do an intensive with him.  I said “okay”.  I figured he does this all the time…little did I know he does not do this all the time!  I dropped everything and went full on into the intensive.  It was an amazing experience and that’s when I got to meet Jay.  The first time I saw him was also on “The Longevity Conference” stream, and he was making Peanut Butter Ice Cream with no peanuts.  I thought that was remarkable!

Jay: I specialize in the drinks and elixirs, and Joy specializes in the food and desserts.  She is completely unmatched when it comes to culinary wizardry — especially with superfoods. 

How did you (Jay) get into herbalism?

Jay: About ten years ago I was up in Canada at a yoga center doing a work-study program for a few months.  While I was up there, there was a psychologist from Germany who was staying there.  He was really into the whole raw food scene.  With a couple conversations with him, a major passion was ignited and I started learning everything that I could.  

Two years prior to that, my dad was diagonosed with prostate cancer and he got that taken out.  He’s been fine since then because I got into health and both my parents were really open minded.  They are both in their late sixties, but now they are healthier than they were twenty years ago — and way healthier than their peers.  They are on zero medications.  

Joy: They’re taking dance classes now!  

Jay: So, to go back — when I was going to college…I started developing heart palpitations.  I got a referral to one of the top cardioligists in the city of Boston, which is a major medicine and hospital town.  I went to him and he pretty much couldn’t tell me anything about it.  He said “yeah…it’s probably hereditary.  I can try you on medications if you want”.  Even back then I was like…”I don’t want to be on medication”. 

That just kind of opened my eyes.  It wasn’t till years and years later when I was reading Weston Price’s and Hal Huggin’s work and I started reading about the dangers of dental infections and root canals.  I put two and two together and figured my heart issues were a result of my root canal and having my four wisdom teeth removed.  Weston Price figured out the toxicity of root canals a hundred years ago. 

I went down to American Bio Dental in Tijuana.  I had my root canal removed and my four wisdom teeth cavitation spots cleaned out.  Within a couple days my heart palpitations were almost totally gone.  

Just like how certain herbs have an affinity for a certain part of the body, bacteria are the same way.  Certain bacteria that grow in root canals and different pockets of infection in the mouth have an affinity for the heart, for instance.  

That was how I initially got into health.  I got a job working at a health food store in Massachusetts.  I knew I wanted to move out to California, so I saved up and bought a car.  When I moved out here. I worked some different jobs.  I drove out here, and I made a couple stops along the way.  One of the stops I made was in Texas with some online-friends I had.  One of them said “if I were going to LA, I would get a job working with that Truth Calkins and I would learn everything I could from him”.  I thought…”that would be a good idea”.  It was probably a year later, I had worked at Real Raw Live for about six months and I saw a friend from out of town.  He had just been at Erewhon and was like “I was just talking with Truth at Erewhon and he was telling me that they are hiring there.  You should go and work down there”.  And so I did…it was one of those complete flow experiences.  I worked with Truth at Erewhon for about four years and then I left to do a consulting job in Japan.  That project wasn’t flowing —so I came back to LA.  I worked at Erewhon part time for a couple of years and was also doing “The Longevity Conference” tonic bars.  

In the time of working at different tonic bars, making drinks for so many different people, one of the things I got to learn was the difference in sensitivity.  Personally, I’m not very sensitive and can take really high doses of things…Truth was a little bit in the middle of things — he was a little more sensitive, but would still take really really high doses of things.  But, I was amazed to find out there were such sensitive people out there.  That was one of my very first questions for people — how sensitive are you to herbs?  If they hadn’t had herbs before I would ask “how sensitive are you to energy?”.  If they didn’t know, then I knew I could go a little more heavy handed.  

Joy, was your passion for health influenced at all by your experience as a police officer?

Joy: My journey into superhero health came after my 20-year police career. My passion for health was ignited by facing the challenge of a serious health diagnosis. My expertise as an investigator allowed me to instinctively
navigate the outside-the-box options to heal myself, with tonic herbs, superfoods and natural modalities. This was a blessing in disguise, as I became a certified green consultant, a superfood specialist, and an organic superfood culinary artisan.

It gave me a panoramic perspective of health that included the environment that we live in, the products that we use, the water that we drink, the air that we breathe, the food that we eat and how they affect every cell in our bodies.

This recipe for life became evident to me, to be mindful of the natural elements, seasons and rhythms, to thrive and to have everyday bliss.

"It’s not the light that shines on you, it's the light that shines from you." - Joy at the Longevity Conference.  JingSlingers are like gardeners of beauty -- focusing on the soil.  With your clients, how do you reframe the definition and manifestation of beauty?

Beauty is an inside job. Literally. It’s that radiant glow of both physical and emotional health supported by fueling yourself with high-vibe organic foods, herbs and thoughts. As JingMaster Alchemical Culinary Artisans, we raise the bar for cellular attunement with 5-Star flavors in all of our creations because physical beauty begins at the cellular level.

What is the ultimate vision of JingSlingers?

We want to create a *JingNami* of global awareness to empower everyone to be able to change their stars through food, nutrition and an attitude of gratitude. Love is our most inspiring ingredient.  We wish to bring “The Art & Alchemy of Everyday Bliss” teachings to everyone through our “F.W.B. Food With Benefits” books, online courses, live hands-on “Creatively Conscious Comfort Food” workshops and inspiring people with our signature “Teach & Taste” speaking appearances.

What inspires you both?

Jay: The fascinating journey of being human on a daily micro scale and thinking/feeling how it will unfold over the course of the macro scale, over a lifetime. Always learning, always growing, and being in awe of the mystery that is this reality, this truly bizarre universe of life.

Joy: The dazzling kaleidoscope of flavors, spices and vivid colors nature provides effortlessly.  I also love a good throw-down, like how to create a clever nutrient dense *JingSmacked* comfort food with off the chain taste that is processed sugar-free, gluten-free, organic and thrills vegans, flexitarians, and paleo folks alike into Foodgasms. Everyone is welcome at our JingSlinger table! I love to educate, illuminate and elevate.

What are rituals that keep you both so creative and inspired?

Jay: My most inspiring ritual is my Kriya Yoga practice. Essentially anything that is going to get energy moving and flowing, that’s how you get inspiration and creativity going. That may be doing the breathwork with something like Kriya Yoga, or it may be physically moving with exercise, or mentally moving with creative envisioning. Then on the nutritional end of that, foods that increase neurotransmitters and/or energy flow in the body. Also, I find I am always more in the flow and creative when I am well hydrated, that starts with good spring water. Castle Rock from Mount Shasta is my favorite.

Joy: I love doing *Rampages of Gratitude* every morning, for my comforting home, for my beautiful friends, for my amazing health, for my loving family, for manifestations that appear sometimes in minutes and co-creating with Jay.

If the world ended tomorrow, what would you want to do today?

Jay: There’s no one thing I would want to do, like visit the pyramids or go skydiving. If I knew the world would end tomorrow, I would want to reminisce as much as possible with the people in my life that I love the
most. I would want to contemplate how this life unfolded for me, what lessons I learned and to be grateful for every last bit of it.

Joy: I have cheated death a few times in my Police career, roll over car accidents, reversing a diagnosed disease, being paralyzed from the chest down, and I just don’t see the world ending…. I think the sun will come up tomorrow, in fact I know it will.


12 Days of Inspiration: Prescott Love

Prescott Love is the creator of Prescott & Love Alchemy, a Los Angeles based Ormus company.  We synchronically met Prescott in early 2014, and immediately bonded over of love of all things supernatural.  My first consumption of his Ormus produced a rush of energy up towards my crown chakra.  I now consume his Ormus everyday.  Knowing Prescott's love, which radiates so effortlessly, is part of the makeup of the Ormus is enough motive for me to consume this tonic!  If you are in the Los Angeles area, his Ormus is available at Ravolution, Aura Shop, and Life Food Organic.  If you are elsewhere, you can order online.

What is Ormus -- and what led you to be the creator of it?

Ormus is an acronym for "orbitally rearranged monatomic elements". This is said to be the fifth state of matter, also know as the gateway between the 3rd dimension, where matter exists, and the 5th dimension where thought and spirit reside. Think of ormus as a way to increase the size of the tunnel between the 3rd and the 5th dimension, thereby increase the amount and speed of information that can travel through. In this way, people find that supplementing meditation with ormus allows for faster manifestations, a greater realization of the spiritual self, increased instances of downloads, as well as telepathic and empathic abilities. Ormus has been shown to synchronize the left and right hemispheres of the brain and balance the chakras.... For the sake of simplicity I like to call it liquid yoga.

I was introduced to ormus through a shamanic friend of mine. We were living together at the time and she kept telling me about it. She was relentless on getting me to try, finally I caved... And basically, i had finally found what I wanted to share with the world. In college I was pre-med, studying psych and chem at the university of Arizona. I wanted to be a psychiatrist because at the time I thought pharmaceutical drugs were a healthy way to induce balance into people's lives... Anyway... I went from there into therapy where I worked at a residential treatment center for women struggling with eating disorders. It's a challenge; trying to show someone the light...because we can not find the light until we realize we are in the dark. And even if we ourselves know we are in the dark, the ego still tells us we are in the light until we confront the ego. But how does one confront something that they don't know exists, right?. So I felt very limited. Ormus just opened my eyes to a whole new world. I started tapping right into deep meditations, and seeing patterns of behavior and thoughts of my own that did not serve my greatest purpose. I knew within a week that ormus was the gift I wanted to share with the world, and I had this interesting download that I was the person ormus chose as its vessel for distribution. I felt this way because the whole scenario happened without my planning whatsoever and seemed to be steering me more than I was steering it. It started during the first couple of weeks of my learning how to make it. I "accidentally" made way to much, and so I gave it to some of my friends for free. They were as excited about their experience with it as I was, so out of love they simply began sharing the ormus I had given them with friends of their own. Soon people I had never met started coming to me looking for ormus and that's how the company began. That's why I named it Prescott & Love Alchemy. Without those loving individuals who voluntarily distributed and those who willingly accepted it never would have began.

If you could witness anything, what would you choose to have seen?

If I could witness anything I would most definitely, hands down, have been there to see Jesus walk on water.... For sure. That is something I would like to see. I figure once you've seen something like that, then you really KNOW anything is possible! 

What inspires you?

I am inspired by nature. Every time I get alone and journey out to the forest, into the mountains to see a sunset, or into the desert to watch the stars I am so humbled by the greatness of nature. I used to play sports and think I was something great. I still hold a NY State record from my football days, hah!  I was very competitive. But when I watched the sun rise in Ojai I realized what "great" actually was. And it never thinks, never tries... It just simply is. The moon doesn't compete with the sun, nor the sun with the moon, but they work together in perfect harmony. In this way nature inspires me to work with people like that. It reminds me that we are all part of the same body.

What is your ultimate vision for the Prescott & Love Alchemy project?

My vision for Prescott & Love Alchemy is to start a conversation of the reality of our light bodies and spiritual existence throughout the Western Culture. What is happening with Western medicine is similar to what it was like when everyone thought the world was flat. As soon as someone had the gusto to follow his intuition and show it was round it seemed so obvious. In America people are using drugs to cure sicknesses in the body, but what they are forgetting about is the light body, the spiritual self. And it is that body that we can not see with our physical eyes that should be treated, then the physical body naturally balances and heals.

If the world ended tomorrow, what would you want to do today?

If the world ended tomorrow I would gather up every person I have ever loved in the same room so that we could all dance to the sound of bongos. Then I would go deep sea diving. I've never done that.

What has been your favorite part, thus far, of your experience with Ormus?

My favorite part of the ormus experience has been witnessing the generosity of people coming from out of nowhere to offer help. It's been beautiful to witness such spontaneous and selfless acts of kindness.

Is there anything you want me to ask you, but haven’t? And what is the answer?

I would like you to ask me if I believe in God. And my answer would be in the form of a question; The God that man created, or the God that created man?